Selling Your Parent’s Home

Selling your parent’s home can be an emotional and time consuming challenge for families. I am currently involved in the sale of my parent’s home and know first-hand the issues and emotions. I want to share the experience of a family who have also been on this journey and are into final staging and about to list a lovely home.

I was asked by the family in Owen Sound, Ontario to provide staging advice on their parent’s home which had been listed For Sale by Owner for 15 months. The owner’s brother in California recommended home staging to his sister.  Home staging is a service she was not familiar with which is not uncommon in the area. We discussed what I could offer to help her to prepare to sell the family home.

Home Staging is definitely a new idea in this region. The majority of home owners elect to list their properties as they are, a concern of real estate agents. Owners are not aware that the majority of buyers are searching internet listings before deciding what to see. A home that does not show well in pictures will not attract buyers.

The 70 year old home is very well maintained and clean which are all at the top of my list of things that must be done. There was clutter and oversized pieces of furniture that overwhelmed the rooms that they were in & I recommended that they be removed.

The challenge in the home is that the interior was very dated. In checking listings in the area, homes that had not been updated were staying on the market & those that had been updated were selling.

The home featured wall to wall carpeting throughout including the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen and bathroom had been updated with new cabinetry and fixtures that were well suited to the home. Wallpaper graced every room of the home and was loved by the owner’s mother.

My first request was to find out what was underneath the carpet. Given the age of the home and location I suspected that there would be pine plank flooring even though there were no tell-tale squeaks. Checking around heat registers in various rooms proved this to be true. I recommended that carpets be removed and the floors restored. The owners agreed and are very impressed with the results.

The other major recommendation was to deal with wallpaper and panelled rooms, a very time consuming task. After consulting with painters that I recommended the family decided to tackle this project themselves. They chose to remove all wallpaper, repair and paint all walls. The colours that I recommended are used and the home is transformed. They also chose to replace doors in bedrooms and closets and updated lighting.

I have visited the home over the past months to see the progress and have been very impressed with all the work that has been done. It has indeed been a long journey for the family and they are very happy to see the results of their hard work. They have done an outstanding job on this house!

I visited the home last week to check on the final details that are being attended to & the home is now ready to be listed. Here are a few pictures of the home’s transformation.

Main Entrance

Before: The main entrance far too busy and distracting to buyers

After: Bright and spacious. Absolutely fabulous floors. (I love hardwood!)

Living Room

Before: The living room needs an update to appeal to today’s buyer

After: The main floor is unified with the same colour in living,
dining and hallway which unifies the space.

Dining Room

Before: The dining room is busy with too many collectibles.

After: Colour, great floors, new lighting and fewer items on display creates an inviting space.


Before: The kitchen cabinetry is in great condition, the flooring had not been addressed.
Much to the owner’s surprise, there were three layers of carpet to be removed.

After: Revived pine floors and fresh paint complement the cabinetry and appliances that were in place.


Before: The bathroom cabinetry had been nicely updated, walls and flooring needed to be updated.

After: New fixtures, flooring, countertop and paint have updated this bathroom.

Next time: Bedroom makeovers

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