Selling Your Parent’s Home – Part II

This post continues with the transformation of the home I discussed last time. This is an estate sale of a 70 year old home in Owen Sound, Ontario. The home had been on the market for 15 months with no offers when I was contacted by the owner to offer staging help. My previous post featured the transformation on main floor and bathroom. The bedrooms in this home also featured wallpaper and carpeting throughout and the decor had not been updated for a few decades. The homeowners worked from the plan I discussed with them and can’t believe that this is the same house.

The update to the home was completed as a family project. The restoration of the floors was done by contractors and the family to choose to complete all of the work on the walls in the rooms. It did take time to get everything done and they were very particular that attention was paid to details. They have done a terrific job to increase the sales potential of this home.

I want to show you two of the bedrooms that have been redone and have increased the interest of buyers.

Small Bedroom

Before: A flowery room that doesn’t appeal to buyers since there is too much to take in
and the space feels small.

After: The bedroom is bright, fresh and appealing as a child’s room. The walls are
painted in a neutral colour with a hint of blue and the floors look terrific.

Third floor attic room

Before: There is so much potential for this space but most buyers will not see this.
Their eye is stopped by the paneling and the carpet. There is a heaviness to this room. Cost effective changes were my recommendations to allow buyers to see the possibilities.

After: The floors were in excellent condition on this floor and show beautifully. The
paneling was painted in an off white to maximize light from the one small window in the room.
The room is large and the potential to add built in storage is easy to see.

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