Kitchen Makeover

Last evening I was at a party at a home that I worked on two years ago. When I arrived the owner was telling first time visitors about the work that was done to transform this house into their home. I was very involved in the entire process and it was nice to be complimented on the results.

I toured the home with them when they were considering their purchase. Most of the home could easily be updated with colour and new lighting fixtures. The kitchen was the biggest issue for them since the existing cabinetry was not to their liking. They were not prepared to invest in a major renovation at the time and were concerned about being able to live with the exsiting cabinetry.

The cabinets are oak and in good condition. Over time the varnish had yellowed. The existing wall colour was yellow with a red accent wall which did not enhance the space in any way. My recommendation was to paint the cabinetry and to update the hardware. This would give them a palate of their choosing and would give them time to consider how they would renovate to create their ideal space in the future.

They purchased the house and asked me to manage the project to get the home ready for them to move into. There were lots of projects and people involved. Carpeting and linoleum were removed and wide pine plank floors were restored, new window treatments to be sourced, lighting fixtures to be installed and painting from top to bottom. The kitchen was a major project on its own. There were 45 cupboard and drawer fronts that were sent out to be spray painted.

The existing hinges were spray painted and all door handles and pulls were replaced. The cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore ‘Deep in Thought’ AF30 and the wall colour is ‘Tundra’ 2133-70.

The owners are thrilled with the results. They have found that the existing kitchen design works well and the new colour scheme is exactly what they wanted.

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