Home Staging – Making Emotional Changes to Your Home

We had dinner at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and the seafod dinner was fantastic. We’d be happy to be invited again!

This is a terrific 3 bedroom, bungalow that was going to listed for sale quite soon. The owner has retired and will be leaving Toronto. His home is lovely, he has updated extensively, including a new kitchen and hardwood floors throughout.

He asked for my thoughts on his home. His colour scheme works well and is quite neutral throughout the main living area. There were a few small changes that I recommended to increase the appeal to buyers. The living, dining room and kitchen are all open and there were too many pieces of art on display. My first suggestion was to edit the number of pictures on walls.

My friend was surprised by this idea. The four pictures over the fireplace have a strong emotional appeal to the owner and he struggled with the idea of removing anything. It took some time to make sense of the idea that his home is going to be a product on the market and that he needed to edit some of his favourite pieces. After much consideration he agreed to take one down. The debate he then had with himself was which one would it be.

In the meantime, I had removed three other pieces from walls, one which I placed in a more appropriate spot. I also recommended the area carpets in living and dining room be taken up to showcase the flooring.

The floral print in the dining room is adding clutter to the space, so I took it down.

I got a call from him a few days later, asking for my help. The area carpets had been removed and there were now three pictures over the fireplace. The space felt larger and he could see the difference the changes made. We discussed other ideas throughout the home, did some shopping, and made more updates.

I made the suggestion that having one picture over the fireplace would be perfect.

Over the next few weeks, he made the changes I recommended and his home is ready to be listed. I received this message from him last week.

” The other day my neighbour from across the street came over…she was standing in the kitchen looking into the living room towards the fireplace, and she asked whether I “changed something”….:”or did you change the colour?”. I told her I simply took down 3 of the four large sailing pictures, and left the one on top of the fireplace, as per your suggestions.

She said “the place looks bigger….roomier”.

Cool. Thanks again.”

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