Staging for impact Kitchen Makeover Kitchen Refresh livingroom front-entrance livingroom-2 kitchen bedroom livingroom-fireplace dining-room master-suite master-suite-combo Kitchen Staging livingroom-condo livingroom-staging home-exterior
Staging adds impact! The long living area is divided into two separate areas. Create interest and space with a sleek dining area and living space.
A tired 80's kitchen is updated with new cabinets, countertop, appliances and floor.This will increase home value that owner will recoup when selling in the next 2 years.
A cost effective update to countertops and backsplash brings this kitchen up to date.
Home Definition worked with the owner of this condominium on all the interior finishes and decorating. The main floor living room is a mix of updated, treasured pieces and new furnishings creating a lovely new home.
The front entrance is dated, cluttered, and not inviting. Aftert 15 months on the market, I was asked to provide staging advice. Removing clutter, wallpaper and carpeting was the first step. Restoring the floors and fresh paint create a welcome and appealing entrance.
This living room has no appeal for today's buyer. Dated wallpaper, old carpeting not fitting well and wall clutter will stop buyers because what they see is 'WORK' . The owners made the changes I recommended, and the room is brighter, calm and loaded with appeal.
The home owner loves colour. This home had to be listed in three days which meant a fast update to the kitchen. The cabinets were painted and the space simplified which allows buyers to see the potential of this kitchen. The home sold in two days for full asking price.
This bedroom is stopping prospective buyers in their tracks. The fix was to install new carpet, window treatments and to paint the walls in a neutral colour, complementing the new bed linens.
The living room was given a colour update to showcase new furnishings. The mantle was painted the same shade as the walls enhancing the brick on the fireplace. The room feels much larger.
The dining room is full of wood furniture and very busy. The staging for this room included removing collectibles and furniture, adding art and setting the table. The room is softened and inviting.
The master suite in this three bedroom family home needed attetnion to appeal to buyers. One wall remained turquoise as an accent and the remaining walls were painted a neutral shade. Adding lighting, art and bed linens complete the room.
The master suite in this condo owned by a young couple, is also an office and storage room. To stage this room many items were taken to storage, additional coats of red paint were added to even out the walls. The condo sold on the first day that it was listed for sale.
A messy family kitchen is decluttered and spotless for showing. This condo sold first day on market for full asking price.
A beautiful, empty condo on the market for a few months had many showings and no offers. The owner's were quite concerned and asked for help. Rental furniture was brought in to help define the space for prospective buyers. The condo sold in four days.
The staging of this living room includes the repositioning of main furniture pieces and removing items to make the room feel larger. Removing the carpet to highlight the beautiful hardwood floors is a major selling feature.
This home needed updating to the exterior. The new colour scheme was pulled from tones in the brick. The deck was replaced by new stairs and a small patio. The landscaping was edited and updated with new plantings.