DIY – Updating Window Treatments

The interior of this home is so lovely. The main floor rooms were decorated a number of years ago and continue to be a warm and inviting space. The fabrics and furnishings are wearing very well, with all the activity of a growing family.

The window treatments in the living and dining room were under consideration for an update and we talked about a number of ideas from a total replacement to making changes to the existing panels.

The floral pattern in the draperies appeals to the homeowner, but the valances are looking dated. We considered ideas such as a solid colour valance with padding which would add drama but the rooms really did not call for that. Fabric was left from the original design of the panels, so the decision was to make use of the available fabric.

The design of a flat panel with trim that matches the drapery panels is simple and lovely and has the desired result of updating the windows with a minimum cost. This is an easy project to complete. The only material cost was for drapery lining and new trim and the project can be completed in a short amount of time.

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