Design your living space to make you happy

We will work with you to make changes to the design and function of your living space and give you the home that you want to have.

How we use the space in our homes and what makes us happy changes over time. Furniture layout and accessories may need rearranging or updating. Rooms can change their purpose, such as a bedroom can be a home office or project room after children have moved out.  A desire to make changes to your living space can lead to changes in furniture, layout, lighting, colour, artwork and accessories.

Home Definition Design Services

  • Making decisions about what should stay and what should find a new home somewhere else are tough. We work with you to make those decisions. Finding a new purpose for items in your home can be cost effective and often a surprise.
  • We will work with your budget to make the changes needed in your home. We work with clients who want to tackle one room at a time and others who want to do every room in their home.
  • Recommendations are available for upholsterers, furniture refinishers, carpenters, handyman, painters and preferred retailers. We will see your project completed to your satisfaction.