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Retiring and Getting Ready to Sell!

Clocks, Clocks, Clocks!

My client is planning to retire, has a new home and getting ready to sell.   An extensive collection of many items including clocks, radios, cameras, juke boxes and games is everywhere in the home.  The collections are overwhelming and limit the sales potential of this home.  There is a lot to be done to get this home ready for the market.


My client is very receptive to my recommendations and agrees to the repairs and updates.   We establish an aggressive plan to complete what needs to be done before the home will be ready for sale in three months.  The homeowner needs my assistance not only for staging the home, but to find buyers for items in his collection that he is ready to part with.  There is a lot to tackle to prepare this home for sale.The family room is my favourite space in this home.  There is so much potential for this space underneath all the stuff. 

The room family room is quite long & narrow.  The fireplace is the focal point of the room and visible from the hallway.  My plan is to highlight the stone fireplace and to create a media centre on the end wall. A large screen TV would be perfect on the wall.


Media Centre

The walls were prepped and painted in Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173,a fabulous neutral that highlights the stone fireplace.  The room is much brighter and feels larger with fresh paint and the removal of clutter.The wall unit had to remain in the space during the sale and is clutter free.  Having furniture cleaned and adding minimal accessories to the mantle and around the fireplace completes the staging.

Clutter free, bright and inviting family room


My  client sold his home quickly at close to asking.  Many houses on the market in the area before his was listed remained on the market for months longer.  The changes throughout the home were dramatic for the client and he agreed they were needed to sell his home.



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Home Staging Tip – Plant Control

I have always had an affinity for house plants. They are interesting, beautiful and are healthy for you and your home. I see many house plants in various states when staging houses. My recommendation is to limit the number of plants in your home when selling and be sure that they are healthy and well maintained.

A recent staging consultation in a beautiful home has been my favourite plant challenge so far. There are very healthy plants in lovely pots on the main floor of this home. As you climb the stairs to the second floor this is what you see.

Before – From First Floor

There are two diefenbachia on the landing that are the pride and joy of the owners. They are extremely healthy and well cared for. They are so healthy they have completely taken over the space. The skylight on the landing isn’t visible since the plants have captured all of the natural light.

Before – From the Master Bedroom

The challenge this has for potential buyers is that they will not see the living space. The plants will be what buyers remember about the home. We discussed finding a new home for them while the house is on the market but this just is not possible.

The homeowners kept the plants in place and have cut them back significantlly.

After – Second Floor Landing

The transformation is dramatic. The skylight is now flooding the landing with natural light and the space looks and feels larger. This is just what buyers are looking for. The house sold quickly and the plants are moving to their new sun filled space.

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Home Staging – Simplify your home to Sell

I recently completed a home staging consultation on a fabulous lake front property. This home has been the family cottage for forty years and has been loved by all members of the extended family. The homeowners have decided to simplify their life and are very motivated to sell.

I was asked to provide my recommendations and the owners completed the changes. Family members were recruited to help complete all items that I provided in my report. They worked quickly. The home was listed for $1.195 million ten days after my consultation.

The home has been renovated and enlarged over the years and the living space is very generous and wonderful. The interior has been painted recently and looks terrific. The main living room is a very spacious and 30 feet long. The furniture placement and collections have been designed by the family to make the large space feel cozy.










When selling your home first impressions count. Potential buyers will view your home in minutes and decide to make an offer or not. Buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home. You must highlight your home’s best features. You want buyers to see the space and possibilities for them.

My recommendations were for the homeowners to pare down their furnishings and collections in this main living area. Personal photos, floral arrangements, furniture and small area carpets were removed.

The result is the space is more open and potential buyers are not distracted by too many items. The best features, a large living space, beautiful pine floors throughout, the stone fireplace and incredible views are all shown to full advantage.










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Home Staging – Making Emotional Changes to Your Home

We had dinner at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and the seafod dinner was fantastic. We’d be happy to be invited again!

This is a terrific 3 bedroom, bungalow that was going to listed for sale quite soon. The owner has retired and will be leaving Toronto. His home is lovely, he has updated extensively, including a new kitchen and hardwood floors throughout.

He asked for my thoughts on his home. His colour scheme works well and is quite neutral throughout the main living area. There were a few small changes that I recommended to increase the appeal to buyers. The living, dining room and kitchen are all open and there were too many pieces of art on display. My first suggestion was to edit the number of pictures on walls.

My friend was surprised by this idea. The four pictures over the fireplace have a strong emotional appeal to the owner and he struggled with the idea of removing anything. It took some time to make sense of the idea that his home is going to be a product on the market and that he needed to edit some of his favourite pieces. After much consideration he agreed to take one down. The debate he then had with himself was which one would it be.

In the meantime, I had removed three other pieces from walls, one which I placed in a more appropriate spot. I also recommended the area carpets in living and dining room be taken up to showcase the flooring.

The floral print in the dining room is adding clutter to the space, so I took it down.

I got a call from him a few days later, asking for my help. The area carpets had been removed and there were now three pictures over the fireplace. The space felt larger and he could see the difference the changes made. We discussed other ideas throughout the home, did some shopping, and made more updates.

I made the suggestion that having one picture over the fireplace would be perfect.

Over the next few weeks, he made the changes I recommended and his home is ready to be listed. I received this message from him last week.

” The other day my neighbour from across the street came over…she was standing in the kitchen looking into the living room towards the fireplace, and she asked whether I “changed something”….:”or did you change the colour?”. I told her I simply took down 3 of the four large sailing pictures, and left the one on top of the fireplace, as per your suggestions.

She said “the place looks bigger….roomier”.

Cool. Thanks again.”

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