Retiring and Getting Ready to Sell!

Clocks, Clocks, Clocks! My client is planning to retire, has a new home and getting ready to sell.   An extensive collection of many items including clocks, radios, cameras, juke boxes and games is everywhere in the home.  The collections are overwhelming and limit the sales potential of this home.  There is a lot to be […]

Home Staging Tip – Plant Control

I have always had an affinity for house plants. They are interesting, beautiful and are healthy for you and your home. I see many house plants in various states when staging houses. My recommendation is to limit the number of plants in your home when selling and be sure that they are healthy and well […]

Home Staging – Simplify your home to Sell

I recently completed a home staging consultation on a fabulous lake front property. This home has been the family cottage for forty years and has been loved by all members of the extended family. The homeowners have decided to simplify their life and are very motivated to sell. I was asked to provide my recommendations […]

DIY – Updating Window Treatments

The interior of this home is so lovely. The main floor rooms were decorated a number of years ago and continue to be a warm and inviting space. The fabrics and furnishings are wearing very well, with all the activity of a growing family. The window treatments in the living and dining room were under […]

Home Staging – Making Emotional Changes to Your Home

We had dinner at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and the seafod dinner was fantastic. We’d be happy to be invited again! This is a terrific 3 bedroom, bungalow that was going to listed for sale quite soon. The owner has retired and will be leaving Toronto. His home is lovely, he has […]